MN P-20 Education Partnership

Data Systems Working Group

Charge Statement

The Data System Working Group should coordinate and complete the implementation of a common student identifier that follows students in Minnesota from kindergarten through the completion of postsecondary education.  The working group should also develop recommendations for the P-16 Partnership Roundtable on the design and implementation of a broader statewide data system that will make it possible to link diverse data sets to analyze and enhance student success in preK-12 and higher education. 

Guiding Questions

  1. What needs to be done to encourage all public high schools to include the student MARSS number on all student transcripts by summer 2008, as they were requested by the Commissioner of Education in 2007? 
  2. What needs to be done to encourage all public and private postsecondary institutions to collect and add the K-12 MARSS number to all student record data submitted to the MN Office of Higher Education annually, as requested by the Director of OHE in 2007?
  3. How can remaining Minnesota Data Practices Act and FERPA issues be resolved?
  4. How should the use and sharing of data be restricted? 
  5. Should students, schools, districts and institutions be allowed to opt out of the data system, and, if so, how?  
  6. What new data elements should be collected on students’ K-12 experiences to populate the new P-20 data system?   Possibilities could include:  courses taken, GPA, participation in academic support and college access programs and an identifier that matches each student to his or her teachers. 
  7. What data elements and management practices used by states with advanced P-20 data systems such as Texas and Florida should Minnesota consider including in its own system? 
  8. Should Minnesota’s statewide data system align with emerging national data quality standards being developed through the Data Quality Campaign and other efforts? 
  9. Can and should Minnesota’s data system identify and monitor students before kindergarten? 
  10. Can the system include an “early warning” capacity to identify students who are at risk of dropping out of high school or failing to complete a postsecondary program? 
  11. How can a state data audit system be created to continually monitor data quality? 
  12. What will it cost to design and maintain a statewide P-20 data system? 

Working Group Co-Chairs

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