MN P-20 Education Partnership


The Minnesota P-20 Education Partnership provides a structure that will ensure consistent leadership promoting the interests of all students. By bringing together the leaders of key stakeholder groups, it creates a body that can articulate an encompassing vision of education for today and tomorrow and turn that vision into reality. What sets this partnership effort apart from previous collaborations is its broad base, fully inclusive of both P-12 and higher education, and the commitment to partnership of key educational leaders and policy makers in Minnesota who are willing to invest their time, energies, and resources to the start-up and on-going operation of this project.

Minnesota, a state with a long reputation of educational excellence, deserves strong educational leadership that persuasively articulates a clear and consistent set of educational values and standards benefiting all children. The Minnesota P-20 Education Partnership is intended to be an organization that speaks for and to Minnesotans on educational issues, plus draws from partner talents to work collaboratively to improve education within Minnesota.

Shared Beliefs about Education

Minnesota P-20 Education Partnership members hold the following beliefs about education in Minnesota:

The Minnesota P-20 Education Partnership consists of key education, government, and private sector leaders. Members are the Chief Executive Officers and/or Presidents of their systems, agencies, and/or organizations. The current chair is Chancellor Steven Rosenstone, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, and the co-chair is Brenda Cassellius, State Commissioner of Education.

Current members of the Partnership are: